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MalePresident—Steve Martinisi, CRL

JWVice President—Jim Whidden, CML

MeredithSecretary—Meredith Skowronski, M.Ed.

AlCo-Treasurer—Al Moebus, CPL

Male Co-Treasurer—Steve Martinisi, CRL

Sergeant-At-Arms—Richard Danforth, CRL



AvailableEducation Coordinator—POSITION AVAILABLE

Membership Secretary—Alvin Moebus, CPL

JHMember Relations—John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed.

IT Support—William Trout

rayProgram Director—Ray Sinai, CML

aron Refreshments—Aron Boag

Photographer—Rob Rovinsky, CPL

Librarian—Larry Williams, RL, CPP

Newsletter Editor—William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, CMIL, ICML, M.Ed.

rayNewsletter Editor—Ray Sinai, CML

Webmaster—William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, CMIL, ICML, M.Ed.


MaleSteve Martinisi, CRL

MartyMarty Wigginton, CRL

jeremyJeremy Ameen, CML

Ray Sinai, CML

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed.

kevinKevin Thompson, CRL



Marty Wigginton, CRL (2018-2020)

Jeremy Ameen, CML (2014-2018)

Ray Sinai, CML (2012-2014)

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed. (2010-2012)

Kevin Thompson, CRL (2008-2010)

Rob Rovinsky, CPL (2006-2008)

Maurice Horne, CML (2004-2006)

Robert Noble, CML, CPS (2002-2004)

Larry Walker, CRL (2000-2002)

Jim Mowry, CML (1998-2000)

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed. (1996-1998)

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed. (1994-1996)

Dwayne Crenshaw, CPL (1992-1994)

Sal Dulcamaro, CML (1990-1992)

Sal Dulcamaro, CML (1988-1990)

Duane Michelsen, CML (1987-1988)

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed. (1986-1987)

Ray Sinai, CML (1985-1986)

Pete Wesley (1984-1985)

Pete Wesley (1983-1984)

Sal Dulcamaro, CML (1982-1983)

Larry Egan (1981-1982)

Ken Griffin, CML, CPS (1980-1981)

Larry Egan (1979-1980)

Larry Egan (1978-1979)

Mark Mann (1977-1978)


Alvin Moebus, CPL & William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, CMIL, ICML, M.Ed. (2005 - Present)

Sal Dulcamaro, CML (1991 - 2005)

Tom Peloso, CML (1983-1991)

Mark Mann (1981 - 1983)

AWARD RECIPIENTS - Outstanding & Continuous Service Awards

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi


"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." — Shakespeare (1564-1616)


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


"True goodness springs from one's own heart. All people are born good." — Confucius (c. 551-479 B.C.)


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill


“Only a life lived for others is worth living.” — Albert Einstein


“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” — Aristotle

Byron Lutes, ARL (2014)

Aron Boag, CRL (2013)

William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, CMIL, ICML, M.Ed. (2012)

William Trout (2012)

Jimmy Mowry, CML (1993)

Ray Sinai, CML (1992)

Craig Brummel (1991)

John Williamson (1990)

Sal Dulcamaro, CML (1989)

John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed. (1988)

Tom Peloso, CML (1987)


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