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TechManualThis page is a collection of Tech Manuals, Service Manuals, Catalogs, Guides, Price Books, Articles and Industry Information Sheets for your 'one-stop shopping' use for the busy security professional. NOTE: This compilation of information is ALREADY placed somewhere on the internet by manufacturers, distributors, etc.. for anyone to access.

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A1 Security Manufacturing Catalogx20

Abloy Protec

Abloy IC

Abus Key Blank Guide - 2009

Abus Price Book - 2014

Adams Rite Strikes - Handbook

Adams Rite Price Book - 2016

AHJ's Code Handbook for Electronic Hardware

Alarm Lock - Trilogy - Quick Start Guide for PDL Series

Alarm Lock - Trilogy - PDK3000 Programming

Alarm Lock - Trilogy - DK3000 Programming

American Lock Company Service Manual (2010)

AMSEC Safes - Product Catalog 2015-2016

Arrow Price Book - January 2015

Arrow Product Catalog

Arrow CHOicE - SFIC Catalog

ASSA Architectural Hardware Guide

ASSA 2012 Price Book/Catalog

ASSA 2013 Price Book


Baldwin Estate Price Book & Catalog (2015)

Baldwin Reserve Price Book & Catalog (2015)

BEST 6K Series Service Manual

BEST 7K Series Service Manual

BEST 8K Series Service Manual

BEST 9K Series Service Manual

BEST Deadbolts Service Manual

BEST Electromechanical Service Manuall

BEST Mortise Locksets Service Manual

BEST Padlocks Service Manual

BEST Price List - January 2016

BEST A2 System Service Manual

BEST A3 System Service Manual

BEST A4 System Service Manual

BEST Core & Key Service Manual

BEST Key Punch - New-Rytan Service Manual

BEST Key Punch - Old Red Combinator Service Manual

BEST Misc. Hardware Service Manual

BiLock - Side Bar & Patent Information

BiLock Catalog

BiLock Retail Price List

Börkey Furniture and Bit Key Catalog

Building Codes - Michigan 2009, Means of Egress Mag Lock Criteria

Briggs & Stratton Auto Parts Red Catalog - 1940-52


Cal-Royal Products, Inc. Catalog

CCL - 2015 Catalogue & Price List

Color Coding

CompX - Chicago

CompX - Fort

CompX - National

CompX - Timberline

CompX Price List - 2015

Corbin Russwin Cylinder Manual  ("Bible of C/R")

Corbin Russwin Exit Devices - 3000 Series

Corbin Russwin Knobsets - 4200 Series

Corbin Russwin Leversets - 3100 Series

Corbin Russwin Leversets - 3300 Series

Corbin Russwin "Math of Master Keying"

Corbin Russwin Mortise Locks - 2000 Series

Corbin Russwin 'Access 3' Key System - Information Booklet

Corbin Russwin 'Access 3' Key System - Technical Manual

Corbin Russwin Key System Schematics - Forms

Corbin Russwin Key Systems - Cylinders and Keys 

Corbin Russwin Price Book - November 2015

Corbin Russwin Pyramid Owner’s Manual 

Corbin Russwin Pyramid Owner’s Manual (revised)

Corbin Unit Locks Manual

Curtis Clipper Guide (2009)


Detex Price Book - July 2014

Don-Jo Manufacturing Catalog

Doors: Handing A Door - "How To..."

Door Hardware - Standard ADA Locations

Doors - High & Low Power Operators - Information/Overview

Doors - High & Low Power Operators - State of MI Code Exerpts

Doors - Single Door Spec Sheet

Door Specs - Location Diagram

Dorma Architectural Hardware Catalog

Dorma Price Book - January 2014


Emtek Service Manual (2010)

Essex Electronics - Company Overview

Essex Electronics - Products Overview


Falcon - Cylinders, Keys & Keying Systems

Falcon Locks - Hardware - 2014

Falcon Price Book - October 2015

Finishes Chart - ANSI & BHMA

Fire, Life Safety & ADA Codes

Fire Door Inspection Information

FireKing Safes - Product Catalog 2015

Framon Manufacturing - Key Machines Catalog

Framon DBM Service Manual

Framon FRA2 Service Manual

Framon Sidewinder2 Service Manual


Gardall Safe Corporation Catalog

Grobet File Co. of America

GSA - Security Container Specs


Haworth Locks HPC, Inc. - Product Catalog

Hager H1 Keyways - Service Manual

Hager Price Book - April 2015

HPC Catalog - 2012

HPC Blitz Max - Service Manual

HPC Code Max - Service Manual

HPC Tiger SHARK - Service Manual

HPC Scottsman Tubular - Service Manual


IC: Understanding Interchangeable Cores

ILCO Cylinders Price Book - January 2014

InstaKey - Brochure

InstaKey - Operating Principle

InstaKey - Rekeying Guide

ITL - 950 Operations Manual

ITL - 950C Operations Manual

ITL Spacing Data


Jet Key Blank Catalog


K2 Door Hardware/Product Catalog

Kaba Gemini Price Book

Kaba-ILCO Key Blank Catalog (12th ed.): North American

Kaba-ILCO Key Blank Catalog (12th Ed.): Automotive

Kaba-Mas Price Book (October 2012)

Kaba-Mas X-10 Installation Instructions

Kaba-Mas X-10 Operating Instructions

Kaba-Mas CDX-10 Installation and Operation

Kaba Mas X-09 Operating Instructions Rev D

Kaba-Mas X-09 Installation Instructions Rev E

Kaba-Mas X-08 Installation Instructions

Kaba-Mas X-08 Operating Instructions

Kaba-Mas X-07 Installation Guide

Kaba-Mas X-07 Operating Guide

Kaba Peaks Classic Technical Manual

Kaba Peaks Global Technical Manual

Kaba Peaks Global & L10 Price Book

Kaba Peaks Preferred Technical Manual

Kawneer Manual

Keedex Manufacturing Catalog

Keedex Price Book - April 2015

Kenstan Cabinet Locks Catalog

Key Control Guide - ASSA-Abloy Group

Key Retainer Devices & Sequence Locks

KSP Product Catalog

Kustom Key 2012 Lock & Key Catalog

Kwikset Key & Pin Specs: .023"

Kwikset Rekeying Manual


LAB Pins - Product Guide

LaGard 3370 Instructions

LaGard Combo Changing

LaGard 2200 Key Changing

LCN Door Closer Condensed Catalog

LIST Council Locksmith Dictionary (June 2012)

Lockwood Product Catalog

Lucky Line Price Book - 2013

L10 & Peaks Global Price Book


Major Manufacturing Product Catalog

Marks USA Product Catalog

Marks Price Book - 2014-2015

Master Key System Design Guide - ASSA-Abloy Group

Master Lock Company - Tech Manual

Master Lock Company Price Book - July 2015

MBA USA 2015 Tool Catalog

Medeco Industrial Security Catalog

Medeco Door & Security Catalog

Medeco Product Catalog & Price Book - 2016

Medeco eCylinder Catalog

Metal Drill - Hole Saw Speeds

Mul-T-Lock 2016 Product & Price Catalog

Mul-T-Lock Service Manual


NFPA 80 - 2007 Overview

Norton Door Closers - General Information

Norton Price Book - November 2015


Olympus Cabinet Lock Catalog

Olympus Price Book - March 2014


Pro-Lok Blue Punch - Service Manual

Pro-Lok Product Catalog

PRP/ALOA - Mandatory Category (L-00) 10 Study Areas (with descriptions)


Rixson - Checkmate: Stops+Holders

Rixson - Closer: Pivit Types Explained

Rixson - Condensed Catalog

Rixson - Door Control Accessories

Rixson - Electrified Closer-Holder

Rixson - Electromagnetic Door Holder

Rixson - Engineered Solutions

Rixson - Heavy Duty Floor Closers

Rixson - Overhead Concealed Closers

Rixson - Owner's Mainenance

Rixson - Pivots + Pivot Sets

Rixon Price Book - November 2015

Rixson - Shallow Depth Door Closers

Rixson - Specialty Closers

Rixson - Thresholds


Sargent Conventional Cylinders - Technical

Sargent Degree System – Information Booklet

Sargent Degree – Technical Manual

Sargent Signature Series – Technical

Sargent Keso F1 – Technical

Sargent Key & Pin Specs: .020"

Sargent Price Book - November 2015

Sargent XC Series - Technical

Sargent 7300 SFIC/XC – Keying & Assembly Manual

Sargent 6300 R-Core – Keying & Assembly Manual

Schlage – Cylinders, Keys & Key Control Guide

Schlage - Cylinders & Key Blanks (2014)

Schlage – Everest Answer Book

Schlage – Everest SL Cylinder - Sell Sheet

Schlage – Everest SL Cylinder - Service Manual

Schlage – High Security Cylinders Key Control Service Manual - IR (2001)

Schlage Price Book - 2015

Schlage – Primus High Security Service Manual - IR (2012)

Schlage – Primus High Security Service Manual - Allegion (2014)

Schlage - Rekeying Residential

Schlage Key & Pin Specs: .015"

Schlage Keying Systems Answer Book

Schlage Modular Cylinders - Sell Sheet

Schlage Modular Cylinders - Manual

Schlage - SFIC Service Manual (2014)

Scorpion CX-5 SFIC Service Manual

Sentry Safe Products Catalog (2012)

Sentry Safes - Owner's Guide (International)

Sentry Safes - Information

Sequence Locks & Key Retainer Devices

S&G [Sargent & Greenleaf] Product Catalog (2011)

S&G LOBC Instructions

S&G Time Locks

S&G 2937 Operating Instructions

S&G 4500 Operating and Change

S&G 6435, 6530 & 6535 Regular Change

S&G 6445, 6540 & 6545 Zero Change

S&G 6600 & 6700 Operating and Change

S&G 6631, 6643, 6651 & 6731 Operating and Change

S&G 6800 Series Install & Change

S&G 6804 & 6824 Key Op

S&G 6805 & 6825 New Key

S&G 8077 Padlock

S&G 8077 Padlock Combo Recovery

S&G 8400 Operating and Change

S&G 8500 Operating and Change

Simplex L1000 Service Manual

Simplex L1000 Parts & Templates

Space & Depth Charts


Timberline - CompX

Transponder Guide - USA (2010)



Ultra Code - Service Manual


Von Duprin 22 Series Exit Devices

Von Duprin 33A-35A Exit Devices

Von Duprin 55 Series Exit Device

Von Duprin 88 Series Exit Device

Von Duprin 94-95 Series "Impact" Exit Device

Von Duprin 98-99 Series Exit Devices

Von Duprin 98-99 Series Exit Devices - Finishes

Von Duprin 98-99 XP Series Rim Exit Device

Von Duprin Antimicrobial Coatings

Von Duprin Classroom Security Indicator

Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable System

Von Duprin Fire & Life Safety Codes

Von Duprin Price Book - December 2015

Von Duprin "QEL" Quiet Electric Latch Retraction

Von Duprin "QEL" Quiet Electric Latch Retraction - Sell Sheet


Weiser Product Portfolio

Weslock Product Catalog


Yale Key & Pin Specs: .019"

Yale Key & Pin Specs: .019" - Bump Resistant Cylinders

Yale Key & Pin Specs: .025"

Yale Cylinders & Keying Manual

Yale Condensed Catalog

Yale IC Spec Sheet

Yale Keyway Hierarchy

Yale KeyMark Catalog

Yale KeyMark Service Manual

Yale Commercial Price Book - January 2016





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